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It's nearly a week that i have met Heenim
I decide to translate my experience to english
because I really want to share my impression to all of petals

Everything's happened fast.
My friends(SJCELEBS board) and I were standing at the top floor of Siam Dis for an hour.
Super Junior's interviewed privately in studio.
There's 2 ways of  escalators but we're staying between them.
If SJ use a left escalator,we'll just see them from far.
Amid the scream ,I pray "Don't too lazy to walk,please ~SJ"

In my hands, there are [Heenim]'s sign and a bunch of Sun Flower.
A bunch of Sun Flower's not belong to me,it's Tae's.
There's more 4 bunch with my friends.

We stay close to the fence so i worry about flower a little.
but There're security guard near there.
so i carry flower inside the fence.

One of security guard ask that "You want to give flower to artist?"
We answer "No, we just want him to see"

Then, we can see SJ walk to another side of the hall.
The First thing that i think is "Heenim-Finding".
After that,I can see Heenim with white shirt.
I shocked and shocked

Leeteuk stop and play with FC.
I feel envy a little and begin thinking about escalator again.

At that time,I feel that  flowers in my hand crash with the fence.
I look at security guard to make sure that it's ok.
but i see a lot of bound out of the fence, I do it quickly.

Then I start to look at heenim again.
"What's a good looking guy" i rave
And i can't say anything when SJ walk pass left escalator.
"They're coming" Oh!!! thanks god
I can't breathe

I look at heenim only(Leeteuk stay in front of heenim)
Heenim come closer and closer.
Finally, his hand catch at the stem of sun flower in my hand.
He play with FC and start to walk far away
At that time ,I think that i have to do something.

me : เจ๊.... [i extend my arm]
Heenim: ? [he wave his hand]
me : ไม่ใช่ [i wave my hand(noooooooo)]
Heenim: ?????? [he still wave his hand]
me: จะจับมือๆ  [i do "shake hand"]
Heenim: aaaa
And he come back to shake my hand

** All of my speech is Thai so he don't understand(i forget all korean and eng that i know) ** 


우리 의 해바라기꽃 을 받으러 감사해요
제가 충격을 주기 때문에 태국어 를 말해요
다음에 희님 하고 만나면 약속은 한국어를 말하겠어요


Story by : fumiryo @ SJCC


**Take out with full credit**






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